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The “Future of Food” is a compelling, eye-opening documentary that is widely considered a “must-see documentary” by anyone who eats food.

Even if you think you know everything worth knowing about your food, there’s still a dark secret the biotech companies believe consumers should not be allowed to know: That many foods are genetically engineered with dangerous pesticides and foreign DNA, and there is currently no U.S. law requiring their labeling as such.
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    SHOPPING List – Healthy Food Choices (GM Free) and Those to Avoid

    The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster

    Genetic Engineering
    The Disaster

    The tryptophan disaster in the end of the 1980’s and beginning of 1990’s killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people in the United States in a disease called eosonophil myalgia syndrome (EMS).

    It was caused by one or more extremely poisonous substances present in a tryptophan food supplement, which was produced by genetically engineered bacteria at the Japanese firm Showa Denko.
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    Soy Scare
    A remarkable new study of genetically modified soy suggests pregnant women should avoid it like the plague. Read the rest of this entry »

    EUREKA project, a network for European collaboration in research and development, believes that special care is needed with food for infants; therefore the partners in EUREKA project “Euroenviron Sampbabyfoodogm” aim to produce a kit for the detection of Genetically Modified ingredients in baby food.

    According to the researchers, the main focus of the project is to develop reliable, quantitative Genetically Modified (GM) screening methods for processed baby foods. The project tested two crops, maize (corn) and glycine max, that are at high risk of containing GM ingredients.

    Most baby food replacing human milk is composed of ingredients that have a high chance of containing GM material Read the rest of this entry »

    CONTAINS Genetically Engineered Ingredients


    Which baby foods contain genetically engineered ingredients? 

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    Non-Genetically Engineered Ingredients


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