The little dog and I haven’t had any issues with ticks (as in the parasite) this season, surprising since they’re so common around here.

That is, until recently.

We’ve been doing a lot of outdoor exploring these last few weeks, and finally he and I both brought home one.

I noticed his first, on the back of his little hind leg. Embedded like it was part of my little dog. I worked on it a while, used rubbing alcohol, tried to smother it with vaseline, scrape it off, tweeze it off. My little dog was so patient, stood on the toilet seat while I worked on his little leg. No progress though, this vector had made a home for itself.

It was late so we went to bed with thoughts of a veterinarian visit the following day on my mind.

The following day I broke out his flea and tick soap instead. It had been retired amongst his shampoos, not used at all this season. I put a dab of it on the tick and waited almost a minute. Then wiped the shampoo and the tick right off. Head too – gone!

No pain for my little dog, dead tick, absolute success!

As luck would have it, I noticed I had one just like his on my foot; embedded just like his had been. I dabbed the same shampoo on the tick, waited a short bit, then wiped him right off! No pain, no itching, nothing!

I thought to myself, “I need to blog about this stuff, there’s no pesticides in it!”

I don’t have any ‘interests’ in the product, so I’ll tell you what I used.

It’s called “Filthy Animal”. It’s a 32:1 shampoo. It’s pesticide free, is made with the “fantastic 5” (cedar oil, eucalyptus oil, d’limonene, tea tree oil and neem oil) It says it gets skunk, tar, sap, and food stains out of the coat and is safe for dogs, cats, horses, puppies, kittens, ferrets and farm animals and you too. There is a caution on the container that some cats can be sensitive to it.

Note: I used it different than the label instructed (by dabbing it right on the tick) I’m not a vet or a doctor nor am I giving any medical advice. It worked for us and we’re tickeled!

This is what the Filthy Animal container looks like filthyanimal I picked it up at the pet store.

Back to the outdoors!

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