The massive amount of anonymous entries on the anybody-can-edit online encyclopedia we all know and love called Wikipedia, isn’t so anonymous anymore.

She’s become transparent, thanks to the effort of Virgil Griffith, virgil-griffith.jpga California Institute of Technology graduate student who recently launched the application, WikiScanner.

Enter the name of any Organization or Government entity, and you’re only a few clicks away from the once-was anonymous edit world, created via the IP address of those very Organizations or Government entities, throughout all of Wikipedia.

There is a firestorm of data available. The contributors, their agenda(s), organizations embellishing their data, politicians attacking their competitors, blatant misinformation, all exposed.

Here are three examples of some recent finds:

  • Fox News Edits Details on Keith Olberman
  • State Farm Insurance and Katrina Related Deletes
    • where an IP from State Farm Insurance deletes all references to Katrina lawsuits and the related evidence.
  • This one I thought was rather peculiar:
  •  Peculiar since Monsanto has vested interest in milk.

     Would be interesting to know who exactly at Monsanto typed in that factual edit.

    **If the links to the finds and/or the wikiscanner do not open successfully when you attempt, return for a try at another time. Virgil has indicated the application is receiving a great deal of traffic worldwide.


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    Wikipedia Is Now The Gotcha Machine