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I’ve added a new addition to the “SHOPPING List – Healthy Food Choices (GM Free) and Those to Avoid” for you today, GM Free Coffee. Those ‘mornings after’ all of your GM Free Wine I gave you back in June, thought maybe you’ll need this!

Following is a list of offerings for providers of Genetically Modified Free Coffee. If you have a favorite that you would like to see listed here, you can contact me or drop the gem in comments. There are many sources out there.


    They are the importers, roasters, and even the growers (of some) of their coffee so you’re getting the best organic coffee possible. Bypassing the middlemen and passing the savings on to you. Here is a direct link to all of the coffees they offer. Includes flavored, decaff, and fair trade varieties.
    The passion Sacred Grounds has for coffee shines through in their website.
    Various regions, producers, processing styles and roast levels are highlighted as they share information about their coffees.
    Jim’s Organic Coffee™ is
    · Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International
    · Certified Kosher
    · Grown and Processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act 1990
    · Grown under shade canopy
    · From farms and farmers who are paid premiums to farm organically and thus treat their land, air and water tables with respect and to sustain themselves and their communities. Here is a direct link to all of the coffees  Jim has to offer.
    Deans Beans offers flavored coffee, decaf, organic sugar, hot cocoa, baker’s cocoa, you can even design your own coffee!
    Bean Trees offers organic coffee from Asia, Africa and Central America; varieties include various flavors as well as decaf.
    80% of their coffee is organic, a direct link to their offerings is here. Look for the following logo, this is the coffee that is organic at Thanksgiving Coffee Company:


    100% of the coffee at Grounds for Change is not only organic, but is also 100% certified Fair Trade Organic coffee.
    Setting the standard!
    All of their coffee is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Creating the above list is so easy… it is so easy to locate genetically modified free coffee, I swear to gravy it is.

The tip is just to hunt for organic coffee.

By definition alone, organic cannot be genetically modified. These coffees are also grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, making them not only GM Free, they are not even conventional. Conventional coffee, that is not genetically modified, still uses chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Organic growers do not use these chemicals on your coffee.

Their creativity in resolution to the common challenges farmers face is amazing! Safe for you, safe for the environment, and safe for their workers as well.

Grab a cup of chemical free java and enjoy, guilt free, on so many levels!

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