I’ve added a new link to the link family today, called Graves Eye Disease and Hyperthyroid. She is a young lady blogging on typepad,  who as of May 2007, is 18 months post-Graves Disease diagnosis.

I discovered her blog on July 29, 2007, after she linked to an article I published here, “Is Aspartame Really Safe?”,  her one year anniversary of halting consumption of all food and beverages containing artificial sweeteners.

Symptoms she has shared with her readers include heat intolerance, hand tremors, muscle fatigue, exhaustion, upper eyelid retraction, rapid and irregular heart beat and more. A simple blood test by her family physician and a Radioactive Iodine Uptake test led to her diagnosis.

Since being diagnosed, she has discovered there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as she has come a long way since being diagnosed. She shares her journey and much more on her blog.

From reading her blog her intention is to help others with this challenge as well. If you too are experiencing problems such as this, I encourage you to visit her blog.

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Graves Disease and Aspartame