While doing my own independent researching (read- ignoring media hype) in an effort to make an informed vote in our next presidential election, the subject that I hold close to my heart is our food supply.

I want to know where the candidates that have ‘made it this far’ while weeding out the ‘oh… no way are you right for this country’ stand on the subject of Genetic Engineering,  how it effects our food, and our health.

Genetically Modifed foods were never ever intended to be in our food supply in the first place. They are though, since the powers that be chose to grow these toxins in open fields. Now it seems an accepted procedure, quietly placing these foods on our grocery shelves, now growing them intentionally as a food source and knowingly placing them on our store shelves, unlabeled.

Now, today, the powers that be are making serious efforts to ‘modify’ the very definition of Organic. This, they find easier and cheaper, than fixing the very problem they themselves created. It’s easier and cheaper to make the problem worse, you see.

Genetically Modified Foods are dangerous. Eating them makes you feel awful at the very least. They also cause disease and death. Yet we cannot avoid them. You will never see it claimed on any label in the United States that any given product contains Genetically Modified ingredients. There is no law in the United States requiring these ingredients to be labeled. We eat at our own risk.

The same companies creating these seeds are also heavily involved in pharmaceuticals. These companies first make us sick using our food, then ‘fix’ us with their drugs.

I demand that all Genetically Modified ingredients be removed immediately from our shelves.

While the food companies are seeking pure sources of food replacement, I demand that all ingredients containing Genetically Modified ingredients be labeled as such.

I am an American, a tax payer, a consumer and I vote.

Currently Ron Paul is at the top of my list, however I want to know where Ron Paulitics stands on this very issue.

I haven’t yet discovered and if anyone does know, kindly inform.



Eating Ron Paulitics