ok – we’ve all heard at least some sort of verbiage about it by now… GM food…GE Food… Genetically Modified…Genetically Engineered…Transgenic…. but it’s not in the media, not really anyway.

What is it? How is it different from traditional food?

The fundamental difference between traditional and genetically modified plant breeding is, in genetically modified plant breeding, genetic material from one species of plant, bacteria, virus, animal or fish is literally inserted into another species, with which they could never naturally breed.

Interestingly enough, most of the GM plants marketed so far contain genes from bacteria which make them resistant to a broad spectrum weedkiller available from the same manufacturer, Monsanto.

Once genetic material has been released into the environment it cannot be recalled.

Certainly can’t be that big a deal. We’d hear about it, especially if it could make us sick, or even kill us.



Surely, most definitely, if the dangers have been confirmed?

Studies have shown that DNA is not fully digested in the gut. Large fragments, even the size of a gene, have been found to survive digestion and can be taken up into the bloodstream. In genetic engineering, a number of genes are used that had not formerly existed in human food.

The consequences of eating such DNA is therefore unpredictable.

The fragments of transgenic (Genetically Modified / Genetically Engineered) DNA may well provoke chronic allergic or autoimmune disorders including such that cause serious, disabling or even deadly diseases.

This should be front page news. In Red. On the front page of MSN, Yahoo, etc., in bold, SCREAMING Red letters.

It’s been a silent killer, until NOW.


GM products include (but are not necessarily limited to) medicines and vaccines, foods and food ingredients, feeds including animal feed, and fibers.

It is a food that in and of itself – in its humble beginnings as a tiny seed – contains pesticide.

Combining genes from various organisms is referred to as recombinant DNA technology. The resulting organism referred to as – “genetically modified,” “genetically engineered,” or “transgenic.”

This food, at it’s seed form – corn…rice….soy… wheat…alfalfa….canola….tomato…..(ETC.) every single SEED contains pesticide.

Pesticide in the seed.

When growing crops are sprayed with pesticide to control weed growth, with a pesticide spray that is also so lethal it could kill the crop it is intended to protect …the GM crop is immune to said sprayed pesticide. The pesticide poison spray cannot kill the already poisoned seed. This enables the growth of more corn, rice, soy, ( <<< come back and click that Soy link when you have a moment) wheat, alfalfa, canola, tomato, (etc.)… via herbicide and insecticide resistant FOOD.

More crop = More $

When this seed gets all grown up, and makes it to your plate, it still contains pesticide.

Fortunately label laws exist in many countries, including the United States. If your food contains a life threatening ingredient, is adultered, or has the ability to cause disease of any kind, it would surely be traceable, somehow, on that label.

Money talks. It’s not on the labels. Don’t even bother looking for it. You won’t find it. If it’s in that tiny bottle of food you are spoon feeding your baby with his first ‘food’…it’s not on the label. You cannot read a label in the United States and know that it contains genetically modified ingredients.

No labeling, so few consumers in the US are even aware any of this pervasiveness is occurring. Marketers discovered that if the fact that this poison was in the food was on the label…ahhhemmm… that the more the public knew, the less they wanted to purchase GM foods. Therefore regulators (termed loosely in this sentence, leaving the definition of ‘regulator’ to the reader) were…convinced, $omehow?, not to require such labeling. If any of these ingredients are causing a health concern, there is no way to narrow it down to such ingredient.

Knowledge is power. Arm Yourself.

Monsanto’s request for nonregulated status of Roundup RReady2Yield™ Soybean MON89788

It is submissions and ‘research’ such as the above link to “Monsanto’s Request for Nonregulated Status of Roundup RReady2Yield” that is used by companies like Monsanto to bring items to market. The very companies that want to bring the toxins to market are the very same companies relied upon to provide the proof that all is well; that their product is safe. These folks have a vested interested in the product. They are not independent, neutral party scientists.

How is that for a conflict of interest.

Very few independent studies exist. Independent researchers have been fired for exposing the truth.

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GENETICALLY Modified – Genetically Engineered – Transgenic ~ Food!