President Bush has signed a directive that gives the White House much greater control over the rules and policy statements that the government develops to “protect” public health, safety, the environment, civil rights and privacy.

In an executive order issued January 18, 2007, President Bush announced that each agency must have a regulatory policy office run by a political appointee to supervise the development of rules and documents providing guidance to regulated industries.

The White House will thus have a gatekeeper in each agency to analyze the costs and the benefits of new rules and to make sure the agencies carry out the president’s priorities.

Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Henry Waxman, remarked, “The executive order allows the political staff at the White House to dictate decisions on health and safety issues, even if the government’s own impartial experts disagree.”.

This is a terrible way to govern, but great news for special interests, like Monsanto..

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    President Bush Regulates Regulation