EUREKA project, a network for European collaboration in research and development, believes that special care is needed with food for infants; therefore the partners in EUREKA project “Euroenviron Sampbabyfoodogm” aim to produce a kit for the detection of Genetically Modified ingredients in baby food.

According to the researchers, the main focus of the project is to develop reliable, quantitative Genetically Modified (GM) screening methods for processed baby foods. The project tested two crops, maize (corn) and glycine max, that are at high risk of containing GM ingredients.

Most baby food replacing human milk is composed of ingredients that have a high chance of containing GM material, such as glycine max proteins and maize starch.

Identifying Genetically Modified material is no easy task. DNA is generally heavily degraded in processed foods or might be present only in traces, especially in the case of vegetable oils. Therefore, quantitative GM screening of this kind of food poses technical problems.

Article here: GM testing for baby food

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Kit In Production To Detect GM Ingredients In Baby Food

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